About Us

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Father Heart Ireland
is an informal group of people captivated by the revelation of
Fathers amazing love for us.

The original members of the group were impacted particularly by the teaching
of James and Denise Jordan (Father Heart Ministries)
Trevor and Linda Galpin (Father Heart World)
and of their European partners, John and Fiona Macdonald  (Fatherheart Scotland),
and Mark Gyde (A Father To You) .

They came together to help them to fulfil their vision to take the revelation of the Father and His love
to every nation, every stream of Christianity, every people group and every individual in the world by
supporting their work in Ireland.
Click here for links to the above ministries

The group is growing as more and more people are captured by the vision. 
It is our desire to cooperate with and support any initiative which increases the understanding and
of God’s unconditional love for us, and encourages and helps people to live as his beloved children, as Jesus did.