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Monthly Fatherheart Meetings

On behalf of Father Heart Ireland, we would like to invite you to our local monthly get together for those seeking to go deeper into the revelation of Father's love for us.

It is clear that many of us long for more fellowship with like hearted people to help us to process what we are learning and experiencing in this area.   We hope these meetings will go some way to meet that need and provide an opportunity to develop relationships and experience more of our Father's love.  We want them to be a place where we can share Father's life with one another and encourage each other on the journey.  They will have a relaxed format of social time together, with some teaching, soaking and sharing.  They will be open to anyone who is hungry for more!

‘What is Ours to Carry and What is Not –

the dangers of False Responsibility’

At the May meeting we will have an opportunity to watch and discuss a video message from Mark Head,
the International Director of Fatherheart Ministries, on the danger of accepting responsibility for problems,
people and projects in family and church life and at work beyond what God asks of us. 
Mark uses his personal experience, and the stories of Elijah and John the Baptist, to show how such false
responsibility can lead to judgmentalism, stress, isolation, anger and despair.  Father God invites each of us to
discover and accept the unique calling for which he has created and empowered us.

13th May

Mark Head onVideo Message


  Holywood Christian Fellowship Church, 108 High Street, Holywood, BT18 9HW.

If you’re not sure about directions, you can find them by following this link - Click Here

Please note that parking and access to Holywood CFC are from Church View at the rear of the building.
The Sunday Evening meeting will start at 7.00 p.m. and will include social time together, and some teaching, soaking and sharing.  We want them to be a place where we can share Father's life with one another and encourage each other on the journey.
They are open to anyone who is hungry for more

Further Meetings will be on
 24th June